it's all in your head

by dandelion hands

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Gone But Not Forgotten--
The spirit of dandelion hands' hazy 2013 classic, "it's all in your head," rises from the tombstone and returns with added songs, an updated tracklist and a lmtd. physical edition.

All sounds written and recorded by Nick Heck,
with the exception of track #18, which features
the fishermen narcs.

Originally released on April 20, 2013.
Re-released digitally and physically Sept. 30, 2016.

This album is also available in it's original form on Spotify--
streaming there directly helps support nick and is greatly appreciated~


released September 30, 2016



all rights reserved


driptapes Biloxi, Mississippi

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other Oddities.

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Track Name: stale beard
bright lights shine right through me
ghostly figures playing chess for money
lonely fingers bittersweet and ugly
backwards vs cover all the honey

you will never be free
you are all you can see

your veins run right through me
awkward encounters at our favorite movies
laugh at all your jokes when you're not even funny
visit all the bars when its nice and sunny

you will never be free
you are all you can see
Track Name: i like you
i am scared to say i miss you
last time i had you i should have kissed you
these feelings fester up inside
but how could i deny these butterflies

i hope i’m not stuck on your waiting list
because i dream of you in colors that don’t exist
and i think its high time for you to know

i like you i like you i like you
and i hope you like me too

you’ve been there through all i’ve been through
kept me sane and held my hand too
the way you make me feel alright
so how could i deny your lips on mine

i hope i’m not stuck on your waiting list
because i dream of you in colors that don’t exist
and i think its high time for you to know

i like you i like you i like you
and i hope you like me too
Track Name: smile
i've got a baby and she lives just around the corner
she doesn't know that she's mine so i'll give her some time
every single thing about her is nearly flawless
but we're only friends when she gives me the time

but when i try to hide the way i feel inside
i get so lost in the thought of what its like to be alive
seeing the same moon you see out your window
so i will sing the songs that only you have heard
on top my cursed bed that in time
you swore became the only place you dreaded leaving

i'm not going anywhere
i'm not going anywhere until i see you
i'm not going anywhere
i'm not going anywhere until i seeeee yoooouuuuu
Track Name: breathe
i have lost my voice
i have no pride
haven’t been the same since grandma died
acting on an old impulse to hide

your perfume lingers in my bed
where you used to sleep and rest your head
memories awaken all the dead
fill my arms with heavy liquid

light your cigarette
breathe me in now,
breath me in

won’t you tell me why
i can’t sleep
projecting regret in my head

i don’t want to hear a single thing
unless its from the heart
i don’t want to feel a single thing
hands wrapped around my neck

(and i can’t breathe)
Track Name: wishful thinking
red mittened hands
safety from the cold
exit plans
when you're feeling bold
want a life
to live without regret
its a gift
that i'll never get
Track Name: jan 3
last night i had a dream
that we were lying in my bed
and without needing to speak
you heard the words inside my head

then the ground began to shake
we were sure that we were dead

until my arms grew into wings
with you wrapped around my waist
we swam deep into the sea
until we found ourselves in space

in your muffled murmured speech
you admitted you were god
and the reason you were here
was to save me from myself
Track Name: if i stare at the clock long enough, will i have the time to tell you everything
it used to be about us both
but now you're gone
my love can be a dangerous drug
don't get attached

will you help me find my way back home?

if i stare at the clock long enough will i have the time to tell you everything? time moves so fast in every direction. as soon as i turn over on my side, pull the blankets up over my shoulders... the suns creeping through the blinds. do you think if i stay long enough i can make you understand that i just need one kiss, but i'll take more if you have some to spare.
Track Name: kitty
i'm lonely/////////////////////////////////////
won't you haunt me?????????????
Track Name: my friends don't know i know they hate me
i notice everything
but lack the voice
to tell you what i see
this permamute
is driving me crazy
you fall for anything
a place to sleep
a home to call
your own
when you're up
all night you repeat
on the phone

lets get away
drive out in the rain
lets get away
climb inside my brain

you say
you'll never sing
punishing the one
who made you
whole lacking
isn't good at all
don't treat me
like a king
hang me like
the sinner that i am
your words repeat
in my head like you
give a damn

lets get away
drive out in the rain
lets get away
climb inside my brain
Track Name: all i want to do is get high with you in my room
lay awake
counting all the time you waste
sleep for days
sink into the bed you've made

left alone
in a place you can't call home
so get high
don't tell your friends you want to die

because that's life
and its cruel
and its wrong
but you have to hold on

because love
can be felt
in a song
long after i'm gone

so when i
am put to death
for the things
that i've done

just know
that inside
of my heart
that you
were the one
Track Name: how to never stop being sad
repeat to yourself that they’re not really gone
time has proven that fooling yourself into believing
a lie is the most effective way to deal with
things you have no control over

keep listening to the mixtapes they made you
overanalyse every single word you hear
“was this a sign that things were going wrong”
no no, you were the one that cared too hard, not them

stay up every single night staring at your phone
either attempting to gather up the courage to
turn these demons, these constant reminders of
your loneliness into nothing more than a bad dream
or praying just for one second you could feel
the warmth of equally returned love

go out for coffee four times a week by yourself
always bring your notebook, never stop writing
leave little comics and thank you notes with your tip
watch them smile as you get in your car

always talk down on yourself whenever possible
my life is shit because i deserve it, right?
you must have done something real bad
its nearly impossible for you to cry now

avoid your friends for weeks even though
they’re the only sense of consistency you have
left in your life, if they really wanted
to see you they’d come, but they won’t (who cares?)

allow yourself to lose interest in the things you love
watch as you begin to take a backseat to the
world around you, don’t fight it
become a secondary character in your own motion picture

but most importantly drown every single one of
your feelings in old stolen rum, learn to
love the taste of it dripping down your throat
find comfort in the warmth coming from your
stomach, you’re drinking bottled love now

you don’t need other people to drive away your loneliness
you just needed to find a way to talk to it
Track Name: i didn't know how to spell jealousy until tenth grade because i rarely ever felt it / i don't think i'd want to take his place forever, just long enough to remember how your love feels
i don't care
about anyone and
the feeling
is quite obviously

i am the one
that i no longer
am you can't
take away what
i don't have

where did you sleep last night
and did you kiss him in the morning
i'm never serious but seriously i'm dead
where did you sleep last night
and did you kiss him in the morning
Track Name: i'm the king of the dead check out my thorny crown
whispered conversation
i can smell the cigarettes on your breath
make me feel my loneliest
when you're around

watch you run right through me
as if i was never there at all
temptress tear my heartstrings
i never want to feel again